Michelle Bachmann: Coasting Home For The Holidays

Over at Politico, Charles Mahtesian reports on some, uh hem, “fascinating” numbers. A new poll by a Democratic polling firm shows Michelle Bachmann coasting.

Bachmann is a high profile enemy for the nutroots. They have incessantly and viciously attacked her all year. The mainstream media has usually run with the narrative created by the nutroots. Often, she has been portrayed as a lying, divisive, right wing extremist, some kind of evil dragon lady. How have her constituents reacted to their “divisive” representative and the steady stream of blistering attacks levied against her?

It seems like her stock is actually rising. She retained her seat in 2008 with just two percent of the vote. Compare that with the new PPP poll.

According to Politico:

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm, reports some fascinating numbers out of Minnesota’s 6th District today.

According to a PPP automated survey of 719 district voters, conducted Dec. 17-19, conservative GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has a 53 percent approval rating, compared to 44 percent who disapprove. Six percent were not sure.

In a head-to-head matchup with Democratic frontrunner Tarryl Clark, Bachmann gets 55 percent to Clark’s 37 percent, with 8 percent undecided. The numbers are roughly the same when Bachmann is paired with Democrat Maureen Reed.

It’s hardly a surprise that an incumbent would have a wide lead at this point in the campaign. What’s more interesting, however, are the perceptions of Bachmann’s views.

When asked whether the lightning rod Bachmann’s political views are “extremist,” 37 percent said yes and 54 percent said no. And when queried about whether the two-term congresswoman “is too liberal, too conservative, or about right,” 36 percent said “too conservative” while 56 percent said “about right.” (Bachmann herself must be wondering who the 8 percent are who think she’s too liberal).

“Michele Bachmann may constantly be generating controversy in the national news, but back at home she finds herself in a solid position politically,” concludes PPP in its analysis.

Politico is perplexed. But Bachmann’s constituents are not. It must be frustrating for the nutroots; all that wasted energy and all that wasted money. It must be even more painful for them to confront the reality that she isn’t going anywhere in 2010.

Perhaps, more importantly, Bachmann serves as an example that the public is not buying the attacks perpetuated by the nutroots-mainstream media complex. Go ahead Republicans, fight back. Bachmann leads the way and shows that the nutroots’ bark is bigger than their bite. Bachmann heading home for the holidays on cruise control, more popular than ever.