In Memoriam: America's Most Decorated Soldier, Col. Robert L. Howard, Goes Home

America’s most decorated soldier, Col. Robert L. Howard, passed away. The bottom of his obituary states:

It is important for future generations that we remember our military heroes and the great sacrifices they have made for us in the name of Freedom.

I agree. It is our moral imperative and patriotic duty to ensure that real heroes are celebrated and that the youth of our nation understand true patriotism and heroism. Unfortunately, in our present culture, that is becoming a difficult task. Out of respect for a supreme patriot and a duty to promote the principles and values he represented, this diary is written.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said that Howard “was the bravest soldier I ever met” and that “His unshakeable commitment to freedom, displayed in countless episodes of battlefield gallantry, lives on in the actions of our military men and women who continue to serve in hostile conditions overseas”. His military record is truly inspiring.

Read about his amazing exploits on his tribute page here. Read his obituary here.