Tonight, We Are All Weathermen

Harry Reid is desperately trying to get the initial and key cloture vote on Monday. After the cloture vote, there will be a series of procedural votes that could take the whole week, so he needs to secure the initial cloture on Monday if he wants a bill to pass before Christmas.

Time is of the essence. The stakes are high. The Democratic Leadership is pulling out all the stops to prevent further delay, which includes working all weekend.

But whoops, a historic snow storm is about to blast Washington D.C. this evening. It is possible the region could get as much as eighteen inches of snow, which is blockbuster of a storm for the Mid-Atlantic. Such a storm could shut down the Capital, something the Democratic Leadership cannot afford. Divine intervention or an amazing bit of luck?

This is what you get Harry, when you force Senate staffers to work three weekends in row. Now, go buy a shovel, some rock salt and a window scraper and have fun digging yourself out tommorow — literally and figuratively Harry, have fun digging yourself out.

Tonight, we are all weathermen