Kid Draws Jesus; Required To Undergo A Psychological Evaluation; (Warning: Violent Picture Attached)

Controversial violent picture:

The horror. The horror.

Shortly after attending the lovely Christmas display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, Massachusetts, an eight year old boy with special needs drew a picture of Jesus in class. The teacher had asked students to draw something that reminded them of Christmas, so the boy drew a stick figure Jesus. Because of that picture, the boy was sent home from school for drawing a “violent” picture and he was required to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Welcome to my backyard. I worked in public schools in the same county. Public schools are ground zero in the war for our Republic. Radicals know this. They live it. They use it. Sometimes, running conservative candidates matters little, when radicals have a stranglehold on the media, the schools, the arts, and the law. To many radicals, politics is the arena of last resort.

We have a serious problem here in Massachusetts and it transcends politics. This cultural cancer is growing across America. Fight it.