Hey Democrats: "YOU'RE SCREWED"

“You’re Screwed” screams the front page of the Huffington Post today. The HuffPo links to an article about Michael Capuano, the Democratic Representative from Massachusetts, who just finished his campaign for the open Massachusetts Senate seat.

The HuffPo reports:

When House Democrats gathered on Friday for their end-of-the week caucus meeting in the basement of the Capitol, caucus chairman John Larson (D-Conn.) told the group he wanted them to hear first from Rep. Michael Capuano, who’d just returned from a primary campaign for the Senate seat in Massachusetts vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.

Larson asked Capuano, who finished in second place, to share the wisdom he learned on the campaign trail.

Capuano took to the microphone, looked out at his colleagues and condensed what he’d learned into two words. “You’re screwed,” he told his friends in the House, according to one attendee. The room’s silence was broken only by soft, nervous laughter.

Capuano may be a liberal, but he has his feet planted firmly in his district and his ear to the ground. Because of his campaign, he has not been ensconced in the protective womb of Washington like his colleagues. He’s been running a grass roots campaign and talking to real, flesh and bone, working people. And those are his words to his own party: YOU’RE SCREWED. This was a guy whose been campaigning in Massachusetts of all places.

Which reminds me, Senator Scott Brown has a new campaign slogan, “Jobs Are Job One”. I was talking to a high profile Capuano staffer last night and he told that Capuano’s people privately want Brown to stick it to Martha Coakley. Do you still believe in miracles?