A List Of Harry Reid's Christmas Presents To Moderate Democrats

It’s no secret that Harry Reid and Barack Obama want health care legislation to pass before Christmas. It has not been Republicans, but moderate Democrats that have been a major headache for Harry Reid and his quest for expedient legislation.

A couple of reasons for their reticence are obvious. Some moderates may want to appear judicious and deliberate for their increasingly hostile constituents. Some moderates may want to extract concessions and pork before they cast their vote.

But there may be another reason for their foot dragging. Perhaps, some moderate Democrats don’t want Senate business to advance. Why would they?

Obama’s agenda is both aggressive and radical. It’s obvious that the Democratic leadership is willing to let a few moderates walk the plank in order to capitalize on their once in a generation super majority. Their window is short and the Democratic leadership is intent on enacting as much transformational and controversial legislation as possible. If some moderates go down in flames, so be it.

It seems that some moderates are starting to figure this out. In case they haven’t, I have a partial list of Harry Reid’s Christmas gifts. These are his personal gifts to moderate Democrats who help him pass health care legislation before Christmas:

To Blanche Lincoln,

Harry gives you a heaping pile of horse manure called Card Check. You need a debate on Card Check like you need a hole in the head. But just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Democratic Leadership doesn’t care about your electoral future.

To Byron Dorgan,

Harry gives you the gift of Cap and Tax. In North Dakota, Cap and Tax is about as popular as Swine Flu. Enjoy discussing energy costs in the middle of winter. Exactly how much will heat and hot water bills increase? Watch out for the snowballs when you go home for Christmas, Byron.

To Jim Webb,

Harry gives you center stage on gays serving in the military. Its fitting considering your commitment to the military and diversity. By the way, the ghost of Christmas future is going to pay you a visit. He’s taking you to Creigh Deeds’ house. Good tidings, Mr. Military Boots.

To Evan Bayh,

Harry gives you responsibility for deficit reduction. How considerate of him considering your concern about the deficit. But unfortunately Congress isn’t going to stop spending money like a bunch of crack whores, so it will be your responsibility to try to convince the American people that a Value Added Tax is needed. Have fun with that, Evan.

To Michael Bennet,

I think that’s your name. Harry is going to give you the joy of defending a liberal amnesty bill. Sure its a contentious issue, but look on the bright side, voters will finally know your name. You will be as popular as Jay Cutler, but they will know your name. Feliz Navidad, Michael.

Get busy delivering health care legislation before Christmas moderate Democrats, so you can enjoy your new presents. Then again, you may want to say — thanks, but no thanks, Harry. I’m going home to enjoy the holidays. See you in 2010. Maybe we can talk about health care later.