Prescient and Powerful Video: JFK's Speech at the Economic Club of New York

If conservative activists have twenty minutes, I urge them to listen to John F. Kennedy’s speech at the Economic Club of New York in 1962. It is an amazing speech for a couple of reasons. It is surprisingly relevant and it is an effective tool for conservative advocacy.

I love a good fight, but I also know that sometimes insulting people or yelling at people or lecturing people accomplishes little. Often, it is counter-productive. Many people have a mental block against the “Republican” brand and the “Conservative” label.

I was arguing with a bunch of friends about fiscal policy. Like I stated, they have a mental block against all things Republican, no matter how conservative their instincts may be. So, I decided to break out one of my favorite weapons: JFK.

When I got home, I pulled some old clips of JFK to email them because I know from past experience that it works every time. Many Democrats are too caught up in partisan rivalries and loyalties to realize how far the Democratic Party has drifted. By force of inertia, many Democrats have sold out their roots and have become socialist enablers. A good JFK speech is often eye opening for them.

But watching these clips, I was amazed by the prescience of JFK’s speech to the Economic Club of New York. Its hard to believe that speech was given by Democrat nearly fifty years ago. It could have been given by a conservative today. Its that poignant.

I wish moderate Democrats in the House and Senate would watch it. Many of them are still clinging to some old Democratic ideal. The party they think they support is dead. But they are blinded by party loyalties and continue toeing the line for their radical bosses. They may not listen to a Republican, but they may listen to one of their own heroes.

Put aside your hostility to all things Democratic and Kennedy for a moment and listen to these clips carefully. From freedom, to fiscal policy, to monetary policy, to natural resources, to public expenditures; Its truly an amazing speech given some of the issues we face today: