A Battle Of Wills: The Code Red Rally

I heard Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin promoting the Code Red Rally this morning. Apparently, Rush is talking about it now. Its time to join the promotion. On December 15th at 1:00, a rally to oppose the government take over of health care will be held at the Capitol Building and the Mall in Washington D.C.

This is short notice, so its important to spread the word. Its tough to engage in perpetual activism. But every now and then, we must flex our muscles and show the establishment, the Democratic, Republican and media establishment, that we will not waver, that our movement has teeth and that our hearts are still on fire.

Some big things are happening on The Hill. The Democrats are desperate to get as much accomplished before the holiday break as they can. They may claim that their reasons are symbolic and logistic, but we all know what happens when Congress goes home.

Let them go home and face their constituents. Let them start the new year behind schedule and with crippled momentum. Lets rattle their insular beltway cage one more time before we celebrate the holidays. In 2010, we regroup and win this battle of wills.

Support the Code Red Rally

Confirmed Speakers:

Jim Demint
Tom Coburn
Rick Scott, Chairman, Conservatives for Patients Rights