Kelly Ayotte Video Strikes Paul Hodes and The Obama Administration

Excerpts from her official announcement:

Today it seems like some in Washington think that for every challenge we face, there is a big, new government solution. They don’t understand that the strength of America doesn’t come from our government. America’s greatness comes from our people, our families, our belief in personal responsibility, and it comes from our small businesses.

Government doesn’t create jobs, small businesses create jobs. I have first-hand experience with that. When Joe came back from the war, he started a landscaping and snowplowing business. There were many nights he needed help. I would go out with him and shovel snow through the night until five in the morning. I felt bad leaving him in the morning, but I could go home to go to my day job at the Attorney General’s Office. I know how hard it is to make a small business work.

Today, Joe employs 20 people. It’s Joe and the hundreds of thousands of small business men and women around this country that will bring this economy back, not the Government. We need to do everything we can to keep their taxes low and regulations less burdensome so that they can create the jobs our country needs.


If you think I was tough on criminals as Attorney General, just wait until you see how tough I will be on wasteful spending in Washington. This will not be easy. We need to balance the budget and I think we need a constitutional amendment to do it. We should end the spending on the stimulus bill and stop the bailouts. We need to begin to sunset government programs that have far outlived their utility. We must make our government work for us, not us working for our government.