The Non-Palinization of Martha Coakley: Her Sister Can See Syria From Her House

Martha Coakley, the frontrunner for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, recently held an interview with a local media outlet and delivered an answer for the ages. During the interview, Coakley was asked about her foreign policy qualifications. She replied:

“I have a sister who lives overseas, and she’s been in England and now lives in the Middle East,”

The ridiculous remark brought instant comparisons to Sarah Palin’s comment about the proximity of Russia and Alaska, as distorted and mocked on Saturday Night Live. Palin’s remark was anecdotal, offbeat and actually interesting. Many people don’t know that Russian soil is so close to American soil that it is visable to the naked eye. Anyhow, we all know how the media rode that comment.

Coakley’s comment, on the other hand, was just straight up stupid. End of discussion.

So how did locals treat Coakley’s comment? The Boston Globe reported nothing; liberals attacked outlets that reported the story; and even Coakley’s opponents went soft on her.

Pointing out this hypocrisy is like stating the grass is green and the sky is blue. But still, this person may soon be a member of the United States Senate. And if that day comes, remember my fellow Americans, she knows all about the Middle East.

After all, her sister can see Syria from her house.

Via Boston Herald