New Hampshire: The NRCC Does It Again; Don't Drink The Water Kelly; And Some Old Fashion Posse Justice

I. NRCC Dismisses Conservative Jennifer Horn

Fresh off their NY-23 debacle, it looks like the NRCC has done it again. Conservatives in New Hampshire have caught wind of a NRCC email that has them vexed. The email from Pete Sessions states:

Who will step up to the plate? Well, we’ve had incredible success in recruiting some of the best candidates we’ve seen in a long time, including former Rep. Charlie Bass (NH-01); state senator Robert Hurt (VA-05); Greg Newman, the mayor of Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC-11); state representative Scott Bruun (OR-05); and former state senator Joe Heck (NV-03). It’s no secret that these individuals come from heated battleground states, and their victories could represent significant turning points — both literally and figuratively — for our party.

The first insult is that Frank Guinta is already running in NH-01. That must be a mistake because Guinta is part of the NRCC’s Young Gun Program. Bass is running for NH-02. The second insult is that a viable conservative, Jennifer Horn, has already announced her intention to run for NH-02.

The Keene Sentinel recently wrote an article on Jennifer Horn and her favorable chances in 2010. NH-02 is an open seat. With a conservative wind blowing in New Hampshire and no incumbent to defeat, the conservative Horn can win that seat.

A political newcomer in 2008, Horn ran an uphill campaign and lost in a tough year for Republicans. But she ran a respectable campaign and built a strong base of support. With an eye towards the future, Horn kept her 2008 campaign website up and became a voice for conservatism on local talk radio.

Bass, voted out of office in 2006, remains on the Republican Main Street Coalition board. His congressional voting record is decent, but he has many liberal votes to defend. It is no coincidence that he is already emphasizing issues that “unite” all Republicans.

The NRCC should back off at this early juncture. Each candidate, including the more conservative Horn, is viable and deserves a chance to make their case to the Republican voters of New Hampshire without undue influence from the NRCC.

II. Kelly Ayotte Officially Announces

Its no secret that she intended to run, but Kelly Ayotte made her Senate campaign official on Saturday. Her announcement touched on many standard Republican talking points, but this little folksy anecdote caught my attention:

The mother of two said she wants to be an independent voice for New Hampshire, and the relative newcomer is already getting some advice. “I met a farmer at a state fair,” she said. “He gave me some New Hampshire water and said, ‘Kelly, don’t drink that Washington water because it seems everyone who goes there forgets where they came from.'”

III. The Second Amendment and Citizen Action Thwarts Robber

A little story for gun rights advocates and defenders of old fashion justice. In Keene:

Police said a man robbed the Apothecary Pharmacy at about 5 p.m. on Monday. Police said he left with painkillers and was spotted by at least two men nearby. “Basically, he came right out the door and was running, so I followed him into the alleyway,” said witness James Schlessinger. Schlessinger openly carries a gun and said he wasn’t concerned about the possibility of the man having a weapon. “I was armed and I wasn’t so scared because his attention wasn’t so much on other people as it was running away,” Schlessinger said. Schlessinger said he never had to pull the gun. He said that he also got a good look at the man when whatever was covering his face fell off as he ran.

Local painter Michael Steever had just finished cashing a check at a nearby bank when he saw the incident. “I was coming out of the bank, and I saw them running down the alley,” Steever said… when the suspected robber got to a car at the end of the alley, Schlessinger memorized the plate number while Steever got in his own car and tailed the man. “I got right on with the Keene Police Department and told them every turn I was taking, speeds and description,” Steever said. “They didn’t even realize he was in a car. They thought he was still on foot.” Within a few minutes, police showed up and arrested Ross Knowles Taylor, 48. Officers took him back to the pharmacy, where Schlessinger identified him.

“This is a family town here,” Steever said. “I was raised here, and I just hope someone would do the same for me if I needed it.” “Just because someone isn’t harming us doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look out for someone next to us,” Schlessinger said.

God bless New Hampshire. There’s hope for New England yet.