Mr. Jigsaw Goes To Washington

Just in time for Halloween, a horror movie review on redstate. Not since Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kruger graced the cinema has horror franchise produced a villain as popular and captivating as ‘Jigsaw’ of the mega-franchise ‘Saw’ movies. This halloween season, Saw VI comes out.

For the first five installments, audiences watched as Jigsaw laid his twisted, torture traps for his unsuspecting victims. In each installment, we learned a little more about Jigsaw. Now, in movie number six, we get a retrospective; a series of flashbacks takes the audience back to the source of Jigsaw’s rage and evil. Any guesses? Possessed by demons? Victim of abuse? Someone killed his family? Aliens?

The answer is his insurance company! Jigsaw had cancer and could not get coverage. Rejected by “Umbrella” insurance, Washington politicians, and a couple of loan officers, poor Mr. Jonathan Kramer becomes — “Jigsaw” and commences his murder spree.

I kid you not.