New Zogby Poll On Immigration; But I Probably Shouldn't Comment

The American Thinker had an interesting piece regarding a new Zogby poll. The immigration debate is looming and Zogby, to his credit, decided to poll those whole will likely be the subject of much discussion, Mexicans in Mexico, including those with families in America and those with aspirations of coming to America. Pundits will pretend that they understand and speak for illegal aliens, but do they really? This is just one poll from one country and may not be indicative of attitudes in other countries, but it is revealing:

… the think tank stated that: “Of Mexicans with a member of their immediate household in the United States, 65 percent said a legalization program would make people they know more likely to go to America illegally.”

And that raises another question: Just how many more Mexicans would like to immigrate to America? According to CIS: “Interest in going to the United States remains strong even in the current recession, with 36 percent of Mexicans (39 million people) saying they would move to the United States if they could. At present, 12 to 13 million Mexico-born people live in the United States.”

Most Americans would be shocked by how the majority of Mexicans felt about America. According to CIS:

“An overwhelming majority (69 percent) of people in Mexico thought that the primary loyalty of Mexican-Americans (Mexico- and U.S.-born) should be to Mexico. Just 20 percent said it should be to the United States. The rest were unsure.”

“Also, 69 percent of people in Mexico felt that the Mexican government should represent the interests of Mexican-Americans (Mexico- and U.S.-born) in the United States.”

I started to ponder those numbers and then thought that maybe I should refrain. As a supposed angry, white male, and alleged recipient of legacy wealth, perhaps I should defer to others from “victim” classes, who are more appropriately suited to comment than myself. As we all should know, prejudice is warranted if it promotes a noble end, as determined by left wing intellectuals and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media. I figure I’d just concede that point before some liberal reminds me that we all come from immigrant families and that everyone deserves a chance to pursue the American dream.

That’s how the amnesty debate is going down. Identity politics and emotions. The merits are irrelevant. Liberals will frame the parties in this debate before the debate even begins.

All four of my grandparents were first generation Americans. They grew up in the dirty, dense and hardened Portuguese and Polish immigrant boroughs of old New England mill cities. They spoke the old tongue; quietly cherished the old culture; and worked humble jobs. I have no American blood that precedes the Twentieth Century, but some liberal will remind me that we all come from immigrant families.

They survived the Great Depression packed in death trap, tenement apartments. Hungry and barefoot, they scavenged the nearby woods in search of food and were delighted to find some wild berries to accompany their standard meal of bread and government issued cheese. But one more time, can some liberal please remind me that we all come from immigrant families. I cant seem to get that fact through my spoiled, angry, racist head.

I know I’m suppose to view illegal aliens as a saintly class; hard working, desperate, aspiring patriots, who just want a better life for their children. Just like my grandparents, they tell me, aside from the fact that they obeyed the law, embraced their new culture, learned English, fought our wars, put away the old flags, waved the Stars and Stripes, and had all their children fully assimilated in one generation. To me, that’s the “quintessential American story”, not the story of someone who was born here and continues to act like a foreign national like a certain Supreme Court justice.

I know first hand that many illegal aliens do have good intentions, but I am also know that many don’t. I have befriended many illegal aliens, but I’m suppose to play the role of the insular, white, ignoramus. Through experience, and vindicated by this poll, I know that many have no loyalty or affection for this country. Even though many use our country like a giant ATM, I’m just suppose listen to sentimental anecdotes that are supposed to tug at my heartstrings.

I didn’t even get around to the poll. I figure I better get used to it now because, like I stated earlier, that’s how its going down. The merits won’t matter. The Democrats desperately need the amnesty votes. They have the welfare and indoctrination mechanisms in place to ensure that the overwheling majority of new citizens will be loyal to the Democratic Party. That is all this is about: VOTES. And anyone who gets in their way will be demonized as an insensitive racist.