The Left Mobilizes For ObamaCare: 100,000 Calls on Tuesday

TPM has published an e-mail detailing a new grass roots push for ObamaCare. Organizing for America (OFA) is rallying its troops and holding mass ‘house parties’ on Tuesday with the aim of making 100,000 phone calls to Congress in one day.

On Tuesday, October 20th, OFA volunteers will gather at “Time to Deliver” Call Parties in living rooms like yours across the country. We’ll call friendly voters whose voices matter in this debate, talk to them about the President’s plan, and ask them to call on their representatives to support reform. Our goal? 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to in a single day. It’s an ambitious goal, but the stakes couldn’t be higher — and if we hit it, we cannot be ignored.


A) Sit back and watch them fall short of their stated goals. Mock them mercilessly.

B) Accept it. Let them have their day and exhaust themselves. Fight on.

C) Try to blow up their operation with a counter maneuver. Any suggestions?

[I must give them a little credit though. I do like their tactic of making call to voters and asking them to call their representatives. On the downside, there is no assurance that the people they call will call Congress. On the upside, calls from constituents are far, far, far more effective than direct calls from non-constituents. For future reference, there are conservative phone lists out there.]