Peggy Noonan, The Crazy Cat Lady, Gets the Sarah Palin Treatment at Harvard

This autumn, Peggy Noonan left her New York City digs for Cambridge to be a guest lecturer at Harvard. I’m leery of self-anointed, East Coast, Republican elites, but my distaste for Noonan reached new levels when she decided to act like a teenage girl in a Miley Cyrus movie and hurled such petty insults at Sarah Palin that her invective had to be personal. These insults came from the same woman who wrote a book called ‘Patriotic Grace’ and made it a point to be gracious to some of the most loathesome liberals.

The sophisticated and cosmopolitan Noonan may have thought she’d be comfortable at Harvard. Although she may believe in some different principles, she was amongst the educated elite, her people. Instead, she is turning into a campus joke. The word on campus is that she is an airhead who can’t put a cohesive and cogent lecture together. Gawker has compiled a list of her hillarious greatest hits – so far.

Even Sarah Palin would fare better at Harvard because Palin is smart enough to know who she is and to know who her enemies are. As a conservative, Noonan is the enemy at Harvard. Yet, she is too naïve and too delusional for her appointment. Noonan reminds me of an old aspiring European aristocrat, who feels more comfortable with the ruling elite of an enemy than with the rabble of their own country. Conservatives like Noonan do not understand the viciousness or the tactics of the left nor do they understand Middle America. I’m glad Noonan is getting ridiculed. Maybe she’ll figure out who represents the real backbone of this country.

It was only a short while ago when Noonan wrote that Palin “doesn’t read” and that Palin is a “ponder-free zone” who “wasn’t thoughtful enough to know she wasn’t thoughtful enough”. Noonan cast Palin off with a resounding good riddance. But the verdict from the intellectual elite at Harvard is in and they decree that Peggy Noonan is also a “ponder free zone”. Now, it is Noonan who is being mocked for being an incoherent airhead and an intellectual lightweight. The beautiful irony.