Love Not Schadenfreude

[A Rant Inspired By A Week Of Arguing With My Liberal Neighbors And Friends.]

Why do conservatives celebrate the failures of Barack Obama? I am so sick of this topic, but it keeps popping s up, so I’ll add my two cents. I gleefully celebrated Obama’s embarrassing Olympic debacle. I was thrilled. People and pundits across the spectrum tried to psychoanalyze people like me. Speaking for myself, they were woefully wrong. This topic is a week old, but as I read all the subsequent commentary I was struck by how many people noted the vanity of Obama’s mission and pitch. I’m glad they stumbled into the truth. Obama misfired and his miscalculation was witnessed by the world.

I don’t care about the Obamas. I do care about my country and that is why I celebrate. It is not Obama’s failure that I celebrate; it is the failure of his worldview. It has been revealed to all that the humbling of America will provide little benefit for my countrymen. I celebrate because liberal assumptions have been debunked. Apologizing for America and kowtowing to other nations may win smiles, but it will not win peace, prosperity or power. I celebrate because this simple truth has triumphed. I could elaborate on specific policy matters, but I believe in short, succinct messages.

This is my simple message. Would you prefer that Obama’s ineffectiveness be revealed in the arena of nuclear weapons or the global economy or would you prefer that his ineffectiveness be revealed in the arena of sport? I thought so. Now, shut your mouth.