Exposed: Bill Ayers Admits Being Obama's Ghostwriter?

Obama cast too big of a net during the election. He promised too many things to too many people with conflicting expectations. Did the boy “genius” think he was going to keep a coalition with Bill Ayers radicals and Jim Jones Democrats together? How soon his tenuous coalition would unravel was the only question. We now know the answer to that question is lightning fast. It seems like his chickens are coming home to roost.

Bill Ayers has made a stunning claim that he wrote “Dreams From My Father”. This could be a bombshell if confirmed. I suspect Ayers is frustrated with Obama. Remember, before they helped launched Obama’s political career, Bill Ayers and his nympho squeeze, Bernadine Dohrn, made their bones as hardcore anti-war protestors. Obama’s trepidation and inaction on Gitmo, Iraq and Afghanistan must infuriate them. This seems like a shot across his bow from the radical left.

“WARNING: We Made You; We Know You; Advance Or We Will Expose You.”

Bill Ayers may be many insidious things, but he is not stupid. He is cunning and manipulative. I doubt his comments were an accident. Perhaps the radicals know that their window for radical institutional change is short and that Obama is wasting precious time. Or perhaps they believe Obama will fail as a traditional Democrat and would rather not attach themselves to a lame duck “sellout” who will set back their movement.

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