Michael Moore Screwed the Union and Hired "Scabs"

Many pundits have already ridiculed millionaire Michael Moore and his hypocritical attacks on capitalism. Now, ABC News provides even more damning evidence of Moore’s utter hypocrisy and possible dementia.

During the production of ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’, Moore bypassed the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and hired “scabs”. The IATSE is a union that represents the real laborers on movie sets, but Moore didn’t think IATSE workers were qualified to work on his movie.

This is further evidence that Moore must suffer from some sort of dissociative mental disorder. No one can be that hypocrital unless they are sick. But considering Moore’s ideology and his idolatry of marxist murderers like Che and Fidel, I guess it makes perfect sense. The man really is mentaly ill and I’m not being rhetorical.