Gingrich, Jindal and Romney Boost McDonnell

Bobby Jindal, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney all held fundraisers for Bob McDonnell this week netting him $450,000. Cheers to all three for stepping up to the plate and being team players.

The Democrats have taken Virginia; a Democratic Governor, two Democratic Senators, six Democratic Representatives and thirteen electoral votes for Obama. What a shame. Republican Resurrection will start with the governor’s office. A high profile politician and the organizational machine behind that influential office will provide a platform for success in 2010 and 2012. McDonnell has the opportunity to stop the Blue Tide in Virginia.

It is also imperative that a message be sent to Congress and the press. The tea party protests were not a flash in the pan nor were they the outbursts of an angry minority. Some Democrats are trying to convince themsleves that they still represent a silent majority. Soon, they will learn the truth, but McDonnell needs to crush Deeds. Anything less than a double digit victory will be a disappointment. A resounding victory will make the mainstream media stutter and stammer as they try to explain the hard numbers behind the conservative uprising. Blue Dog Democrats will have their 2010 fears confirmed.

There are only five weeks left until Election Day. Newt, Bobby and Mitt have done their part. Will anyone else step up to the plate?