Phase III Activism: Virginia, New Jersey and Health Care

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal by Kimberly Strassel had this critical observation:

The Obama White House isn’t half as worried about what Virginia means for next year’s elections as it is what Virginia means for this year’s health fight. A wipeout in the Old Dominion could send Blue Dogs scampering for cover. If health care isn’t done by Nov. 3, it may not get done. Mr. Obama needs Mr. Deeds to win.

She is right. I have much interest in the 2010 races, but conservative activists should start doubling down on 2009. Creigh Deeds has steadily chipped away at Bob McDonnell’s once formidable double digit lead. Liberals are licking their chops over a new poll that shows McDonnell’s lead down to four.

McDonnell is still favored to win. But this is no time to let up and quite frankly victory is not enough. Both he and Chris Christie need to pummel their opponents. A message needs to be sent. A shiver must run down the spines of Blue Dog Democrats on November third.

Republican victories are desirable for all the obvious reasons, but these two races have the additional effect of potentially influencing Congressional behavior. As the WSJ noted, “a wipeout in the Old Dominion could send Blue Dogs scampering for cover. If health care isn’t done by Nov. 3, it may not get done.” Game on.

There will be plenty of time to work on 2010 races after November third. It is not enough to let the Democrats run the table on their radical legislation and then hope to use it against them to gain seats in 2010. That is a defeatist and dangerous game. We must blunt as much legislation as we can before it can be enacted.

Ever since the town halls, it seems like conservatives have relaxed a little. Momentum can only carry a movement so far. Democrats in the House and the Senate are becoming more aggressive. The seasons have changes and so have their attitudes. They and the mainstream media are treating us like children who threw a temper tantrum; Let them vent and exhaust themselves and then the grown ups can get back to “remaking” America.

In July, we mobilized against a quick “Rahm It Through” passage via phone calls, emails and letters. In August, we mobilized with our boots by way of town hall protests. September seemed like a period of assessment and reconnoitering. Now comes October and we need a new phase of activism. We need to rekindle some of that August passion during these critical weeks and Bob McDonnell needs to be ground zero.