Kudos: Mass GOP Files Injunction Against Kirk Appointment

The Massachusetts GOP has filed an injunction to block the appointment of Senator Paul Kirk. Kudos to Jennifer Nassour and the Massachusetts GOP for playing a little hard ball. The party leaders listened to the base, something it rarely does, and is fighting this appointment tooth and nail.

The legislative and political maneuvering involving succession has been interesting. A sense of defeatism permeates the state GOP. Furthermore, fighting for an additional ninety days may seem futile to many observers. Patrick will get his appointment; it’s only matter of time.

Without getting into details, legislation becomes effective ninety days after enactment in Massachusetts. There are a couple of ways around this involving “emergency” measures. Obviously, time is of the essence for the Democrats. But there are legal questions involving Patrick’s emergency declaration and enactment. The only issue is whether the state party would muster the will to stand and fight for a three month victory. They have.

This may seem like an insignificant fight to some, but we who fight know that three months is a lifetime during this administration. Time has had the effect of eroding support for a massive health care bill. Delaying the health care vote also has the effect of pushing other insidious legislative items further down the calendar and closer to the 2010 elections.

It’s not much, but it’s a little broken glass, tooth and nail fighting spirit that is much welcomed, especially from the Massachusetts GOP.