Mr. President: Waterboard That Man

Dear Mr. President:

I don’t have much time to write. I have travel into the city for work. But I can tell you one thing; I am not riding the ‘T’ today. I am not going to ride it for a while. I probably won’t ride the bus either.

I live in Boston. In our politically correct city, liberals have effectively made the threat of terrorism a myth. But this is not a fire drill. This is not a fantasy. Your administration cannot ignore this threat any longer. The truth about Najibullah Zazi and his terror cell are out and I am sorry if his timing upsets your precious socialist revolution.

Zazi may have as many as a dozen cohorts in his terror cell and there is evidence they are targeting mass transit systems and other public targets. They are out there. They are plotting and your intelligence community can no longer play along with your fantasy.

This is my life you are messing with. It is my blood that could be spilled. The security in this city is lax. I have noticed on many occasions how the tunnels and the ‘T’ make soft targets. I have befriended many muslims, who occupy this city. I am not some paranoid rube. I just don’t want to blow up.

The media has provided cover for you. The Zazi story has been around for over a week, but has not received much attention. Now officials have confirmed that this threat is very real. And fear is primal. Even your brainwashed acolytes will turn on you if a disaster occurs on your watch and it is revealed that you were more worried about David Letterman or appeasing some radicals hell bent on undermining the CIA.

It is obvious that you don’t want to alarm people. You can mock and dismiss the thorough and diligent methods adopted by Bush. But you do so at the risk of bleeding American blood on American soil.

Man up, Obama. Time to put your naive, idealistic, little liberal friends in their place and deal with this threat, now.

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