Good Lord, Not Already

The “Value Voters Summit” begins in Washington this weekend. All well and good, but do they really need to hold a 2012 straw poll? What purpose does such a poll serve? It’s absolutely useless and may actually be counter-productive.

Considering that 2012 is so far off and that the very existence of our Grand Republic hangs in the balance, let’s not engage in this foolishness. Any discussion that will cause friction and divisiveness amongst our coalition should be avoided like the plague. Republicans of all stripes share a common enemy, a potentially devastating enemy. Let us focus on the difficult tasks at hand.

2010 may be approaching fast, but 2012 is light years away. Campaign operatives and surrogates should be discouraged from using public forums to promote potential presidential candidates or criticize potential presidential candidates. It’s a fratricidal waste of time right now.

Please join me in self-censure and avoid discussion of this gibberish unless someone insists on pimping this straw poll for a prospective candidate, then they should be summarily derided. Some outlets are already starting to talk about it, but I’ve got a message for them: I Can’t Hear You