How Will Obama React To Terror Raid?

Excellent Question Ben Smith

But Ben assumes that Obama will react to it at all. It will be interesting to see how Obama, The Family Guy and Napolitano react and how they treat the word terror. It will also be interesting to see how the mainstream media reacts.

So how will the liberal establishment react to this raid knowing that any acknowledgement of domestic terrorism undermines Obama and upsets their naïve assumptions that the threat of terrorism is overhyped and that a policy of appeasement will placate terrorists.

Lets say the odds are very good that Obama says nothing, avoids the media for a few days and leaves it to The Family Guy to discuss during press briefings much like he did during the pirate crisis. The Family Guy and Napolitano will treat it like a criminal matter and avoid the use of word terror. And the mainstream media will give the story small front page coverage for a day or two before they sweep it away. Any stories on CIA abuses and interrogation techniques will be shelved until the story passes. As usual, the truth will be found only in the alternative media, where the story will get its legs if worthy.