A Quick Massachusetts Run Down

Scott Brown:

I received an email from his camp regarding a press conference today at 2:00. It is being billed as a major announcement. It is being held on the steps of Beacon Hill. I doubt they would make a fuss if he didn’t intend to run for Senate.

Brown is a state senator and a serviceable and decent Republican. He’s not an ideologue, but he is no William Weld either. He is highly competent. It is an extreme long shot, but if the Democrats beat each other up in the primary and there is some last minute scandal, he could sneak through. It’s just good to have someone there to expose the Democrats. (On a side note, his daughter is Ayla Brown of American Idol fame).

Andrew Card:

The former Bush confidante was considering a run for Senate, but backed out today. I think his announcement prompted Scott Brown.

Curt Schilling:

He is tinkering with a run as an independent. He has wide name recognition in Red Sox nation, is tough, interesting and mostly conservative. He has a blog called 38 pitches. He doesn’t seem too serious, but he is a total wild card.

Charlie Baker:

Baker’s gubernatorial campaign is up and running. He is a darling of the insiders and well respected by everyone who knows him, but has little name recognition right now and is actually polling behind Tim Cahill and Christy Mihos. Baker is an excellent and brilliant administrator, but he is the consummate Rockefeller Republican. He is way Left on abortion and gay marriage and it has just been revealed that his charity has given money for far Left radical groups.

Christy Mihos:

Christy Mihos is polling surprisingly well. He has hired Dick Morris and has tons of money. Although he is beating Deval Patrick in the polls, Beltway Republican insiders are urging him to run for the Senate and he is considering the idea. His money and charisma would make him a formidable and interesting candidate in a race that the whole country will be watching. But he is a loose cannon. He abandoned the GOP to run as an independent in 2006 and actually stated that he preferred Deval Patrick over GOP candidate Kerry Murphy Healey. He’s an interesting guy, but I don’t trust him.

Tim Cahill:

A very interesting guy to me. He’s an old school Irish Catholic Democrat who bolted his party a few months ago because he claimed that the Democratic Party and Deval became too liberal. He is beating Deval, Baker and Mihos in the polls, but has no party apparatus. Conversions take time and he is not talking like a conservative yet, but he may be more conservative than Baker or Mihos. I’ve been looking for the Democratic Party to implode in this one party state. This state is too big and diverse for one party to serve all the various interest groups and demographics. It has finally become clear that the moonboots and hacks own the party and, consequently, the state. Can Cahill lead a revolt? Is this breaking point that I’ve hoped would come for years?


Obama is making personal appeals to state legislators. Senate President Theresa Murray is actually using the Wilson affair to rally Democrats and has publicly stated that Democrats are coming on board because of it. But time is gong by so fast and there are so many more important matters. The state is split 50-50 on changing the succession laws. They may simply not have the floor time to get this done. Its worth watching. They desperately want that sixtieth vote back before the health care vote. Even if they do cahnge the law, the state GOP should make the vetting process a living hell for any applicant and stall, stall, stall.