Republicans Should Introduce Amendments On Abortion and Verification ASAP

I’m a little puzzled that Republican talking points have not included the Heller amendment to H.R. 3200. I’m also a little fuzzy on legislative procedure.

However, if there is a window for House or Senate Republicans to introduce amendments on abortion or illegal immigrants in committee or on the floor, they should do so as soon as the opportunity permits itself and they should make a fuss about it.

We now how the game is played. The ambiguous language, the unwritten language, the implementing regulations, and future rulings will somehow ensure that abortion and illegal immigrants will be covered under any new legislation regardless of what Obama said last night.

But the Democrats and Obama are masters of ambiguity and obfuscation. Technically, the Obama plan is not the House plan. Technically, there is no explicit language that would mandate coverage for abortions and or illegal immigrants. Technically, Obama can claim that he is telling the truth. Technically.

We should all be tired of the semantics and the subterfuge by now. Usually, symbolic and futile legislative amendments get little press attention. However, the unequivocal and indignant assertions made by Obama on national television have provided a window. While the topic is hot and the speech is fresh on our minds, Republicans should implement some strategy that will hold Obama accountable to his words. Introducing amendments may be one option.

Republicans should get out there and hold out the Heller amendment. If you recall, his amendment would have applied the same eligibility verification procedures used for Medicaid to those covered under H.R. 3200. In a straight party line vote, the Democrats rejected that amendment in committee. It was a simple, effective and proven method to demonstrate the legal status of applicants. The Democrats can talk the talk on illegal immigrants, but they wouldn’t walk the walk. It’s time to expose them.

Obama pulled a Bill Clinton last night. He went on national television and wagged his finger at the nation in a display of phony outrage. A similar act of deception destroyed Bill Clinton. Exposing Obama’s phony outrage may also send him reeling. People don’t like being lectured and lied to. Obama said it. The world heard him. Now, let’s see if he means it and hold him to his words.

There will be no coverage for abortion or illegal immigrants. Get the amendments ready and demand that Obama support them. He talked the talk. Make him walk the walk.