The Clintons and Their Psychopathic Fundraiser

I’m not quick to throw stones at political associations. Almost all politicians have some loons that support them. It’s beyond their scope and ability to investigate every single donor, supporter and voter.

That being said, the case of Thanos Papalexis is too sensational to ignore. All that we know right now is that Papalexis threw a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, but when a bona fide psychopath, who just tortured and murdered somebody, throws a fundraiser for any politician, it raises an eyebrow, and when that politician is Hillary, it raises two.

The evil deeds of Thanos Papalexis are making news, but his association with the Clintons is not the lede. That’s not surprising. Again, any politician is capable of having a shady fundraiser unbeknownst to them, but the Clintons seem particularly adept at surrounding themselves with scumbags.

According to The Times, Papalexis is an international playboy who was recently convicted and of torturing and killing a man because he stood in the way of a lucrative real estate transaction.

Thanos Papalexis, 37, tortured and killed Charalambos Christodoulides after he refused to move out of a flat in a North London warehouse that the struggling developer was trying to sell. Mr. Christodoulides, 55, a shy loner known as Bambi, was hooded, tied to a chair, beaten and strangled. His body was wrapped in a sheet, covered with paint-stripper and hidden.

It was after the murder that Papalexis found his way to the states and into the good graces of America’s glitterati. He must be a quick study in slime because it didn’t take long before he had Paris Hilton and Bill Clinton partying at his beach side mansion.

Despite the killing, the warehouse sale fell through and Papalexis was saddled with debts of £8 million. As the receivers moved in, he fled to the US and reinvented himself as a debonair playboy, dressing in Savile Row suits, driving a Bentley and kitting out his office with thrones. He attended parties with America’s social elite, including Paris Hilton and the designer Valentino. Last year he invited friends to his beach-front mansion in Florida to join Bill Clinton at a fundraising gala for Mrs. Clinton.

You can’t make this stuff up. Someday, when the real story of the Clintons is written it is going to be one juicy, sordid read. And if anyone can get a picture of Bill and Papalexis chumming it up, I’m sure the tabloids will pay good money for it.