Will George LeMieux Fight?

There is a long time between now and the Florida Senate election. There will be many critical votes in the Senate. As Republicans try to muster enough votes to stop the Obama Administration’s radical onslaught, can they trust George LeMieux?

Here is an clip on George Lemieux on Harball.

He’s already called himself a “Crist Republican”. In the interview, he emphasized the need for Republicans to be “problem solvers” and not “ideologues” who “fight back and forth with partisan rancor”. That seems like code speak for mush.

Florida Republicans need to get out their rolodexes. Regardless of how you feel about the Republican primary, the base can’t let Lemieux skate through under the assumption that the people want Republicans to compromise with Obama on his radical agenda. The faster Lemieux learns this, the better. There are too many crucial votes coming this year and next.