'Jackass' Keith Olbermann Can't Take a Joke

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Moo. – Moe Lane

The Los Angeles Times goofed on Keith Olbermann. They “accidently” listed the television show ‘Jackass’ in Keith Olbermann’s ‘Countdown’ time slot. In a correction piece, the Los Angeles Times ribbed:

“A few thousand people might have tuned into MSNBC, the Obama administration’s favorite cable channel, expecting to see a “Jackass” show, and instead they’d have found Olbermann. Worse, what if nobody noticed the difference?”

Olbermann, acting thin-skinned and petulant as usual, took the bait and used his ‘worst person of the world’ segment to retaliate:

The result of this little exchange is that more people are starting to realize that Olbermann really is a jackass. Media and entertainment blogs are commenting on his overreaction and his inability to take a joke. Plus, he’s got a new enemy in the form of the Los Angeles Times.

Somewhere, Bill O’Reilly smiles. Here. Here.