Senator Mike Enzi Fights Vigilante Labor Justice

Kudos to Mike Enzi for fighting behind the curtains. According to Politico, Enzi, the ranking Republican, is opposing the nomination of New York Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith as Solicitor of Labor.

Enzi is upset with Smith’s lack of candor about New York’s radical Wage and Hour Watch program. Smith initiated that program, which granted unprecedented and dangerous enforcement powers to unions and liberal activists. As Solicitor of Labor, Smith would enforce federal labor laws. Enzi fears that Smith will adopt the same tactics at the Department of Labor.

GetLiberty shares Enzi’s concerns:

It could turn tens of thousands of “community organizers” into raving vigilantes nationwide. And it could bankrupt small businesses coast to coast. The enforcement initiative essentially deputizes private entities, such as ACORN, to do enforcement work through “formal partnerships” with the state. Groups participating in this initiative are given a specific geographic zone to patrol, are provided with training and literature, and are assigned a designated contact person to which they provide “referrals” when they find what they decide are violations of wage and hour laws.

The New York Post dubbed Smith’s program ‘Vigilante Labor Justice’:

One needn’t have lived in New York very long to understand where that presently will lead: kangaroo-court proceedings against companies that refuse to buckle under to activist pressure.

And, probably, worse.

Under the program, dubbed New York Wage Watch, six groups in New York City and Long Island – including several union locals and an activist outfit called ‘Make the Road New York’ – will get official sanction from the state to “educate” workers and employers about state labor law.

They’ll also have an expedited line to the Labor Department’s enforcement arm to report any violations they encounter.

Smith should be stopped. If she cannot be stopped, she must be exposed and used against Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration.

I believe this is where the real mushes and RINOS are exposed. These fights behind the curtains are illuminating. There are no district responsibilities. There are no constituency concerns. There are no electoral concerns.

Conservatives often measure Republicans by unreasonable standards. One standard that is easy to apply is what Republicans do behind the scenes. Will they fight and suffer the aggravation, even if they are not going to receive headlines or applause. Or would they prefer to relax and lie down.

Radicals possess the zeal to fight behind the scenes. Conservatives usually don’t. Radicals mustn’t be allowed to run amok in the shadows. Conservatives that fight in the trenches should be applauded. Mike Enzi could have rolled over here and enjoyed his recess. Instead, he fights. He won’t get too much credit from those obsessed with headlines, but he will from me.