Conservatives Don't Treat Montanans Like Suckers

Research 2000 is not a real poll. It is conducted by Markos Moulitsas and the hardcore liberal activists at Daily Kos. It is an agenda driven push poll. Their polls are designed to influence the debate, not to provide accurate numbers.

It just so happens that Research 2000 decided to conduct a poll on Max Baucus and the public option last week. I knew the results before I even read the poll.

The poll is an anomaly, even for Reasearch 2000. Baucus is not up for re-election until 2016. Research 2000 rarely, if ever, conducts polls on Senators that aren’t up for re-election. The poll focused on the single issue of health care. Research 2000 rarely, if ever, conducts polls focused on a single issue. Why would they suddenly do both?

The answer is obvious; they are trying to influence the debate. This is nothing more than an attempt by a handful of radicals to put pressure on Max Baucus. Baucus is the key Democrat in the health care debate. They need him.

Major media outlets have joined the chorus and have been proclaiming that Montanans want a public option and that Montanans are upset with Baucus.

So said Politico. So said Realclearpolitics. So said The Hill.

What a load of crap. Every other poll in the country shows that the people don’t like the public option. Independents everywhere are running from it. The health care debate has been a huge albatross around Obama’s neck.

Yet, we are suppose to believe that folks in the libertarian-minded, McCain winning state of Montana want government run health care. Ridiculous. Any reporter who can’t see that this is blatant attempt by Daily Kos to sway Max Baucus should give up their press credentials.

Either Max Baucus is clueless enough to believe this push poll or he knows it is bunk, but is looking for cover so he can support a public option. Either way, Baucus made this statement shortly after that “poll” was released that has liberals gushing:

in an unprecedented conference call to Montana Democratic central committee chairs, the powerful leader of the Senate Finance Committee told his strongest supporters that he supported a public option. While discussing the obstacles to getting a public option through the Senate, he assured his forty listeners, “I want a public option too!”

Fortunately, I have more faith in average Montanans than I do in the press. Montanans will see through this smokescreen. They will understand that a bunch of radicals are trying to force Baucus into pushing a radical health care bill. It wont work. Baucus will look like a giant tool if hides behind this mockery of a poll. Montanans are not suckers.

Montanans, don’t allow your politicians to be dragged around like puppies on a leash by a bunch of elitist socialists, located thousands of miles away, who couldn’t care less about your liberty and your health care. Tell Max Baucus that you don’t want a public option.