The New American Volunteerism: $45,600 To Fight 'Foreclosure Prevention'

I came across this job posting by the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia. They are seeking an AmeriCorps Recovery Fellow – Foreclosure Prevention. The position pays $45,600. This is the new American volunteerism. Here.

Do you recall how the Democrats exploited economic turmoil to triple funding for AmeriCorps. The image of young students volunteering to help the poor and the elderly in the spirit of national service is one that resonated with naïve Democrats and Republicans alike. In retrospect, the AP news lede is comical:

The Senate voted Thursday to give tens of thousands of people more opportunities to mentor children, clean parks and help the poor, a sweeping call to national service in a time of need.

Maybe the poor do need help. But poor people rent apartments. Perhaps, AmeriCorps should think about hiring some counselors that can help people, who are in foreclosure, find apartments. You could do that at half the cost.

Instead, “volunteer” money is going to pay lawyers to protect some deadbeats and harass the same financial institutions that the government already bailed out. There may be some legitimate cases of fraud, but that is not the norm. Many people were just plain irresponsible. Litigation is too expensive and it is not the answer to the problem.

I don’t think this is the type of volunteerism that Orrin Hatch had in mind when he voted to triple the funding for AmeriCorps. I don’t think this is the type of volunteerism the average person had in mind.

Is there any doubt who qualifies for these positions anyway? Even in a public posting, you can read the politically correct code words. Have you ‘demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice’? Apparently, they need to train more lawyers to protect ACORN and the SEIU. Their legal bills are starting to swell.

Meanwhile, I sit here, in patronage central, knowing that about half of the employment opportunities in this bloody city are not available to me because I am not connected; I am not part of a victim class; I don’t kowtow to liberal politicians and beaurocrats; and I have not ‘demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice”. But my tax money is available for some tool that did.