Stimulus Money to Fund the Cancun and Negril Economies

Governor Deval Patrick has decided to use federal stimulus money to give University of Massachusetts students a rebate. The University of Massachusetts recently raised student fees $1500 per student. To offset that increase, Gov. Patrick is giving a $1100 rebate to students divided over two semesters.Here.

There are some students who need this money. There are some students who will use this rebate responsibly. But there will be others who will squander it. It may stimulate the economy if stimulating the economy means subsidizing the local weed dealer or supporting a hotel in Cancun.

I understand there is a serious fundamental problem with the cost of higher education in this country. I went to UMass. I’ve felt the burden of exorbitant student loans. But UMass is suffering from its own mismanagement and the mismanagement of the state. It’s unfair to ask taxpayers across the country to subsidize UMass students and burden their children and grandchildren with a gross national debt. Even if the rebate is used responsibly, it does very little to stimulate the economy. It does absolutely nothing to create jobs. But hey, maybe a few suffering students will get to go on spring break now.