Plea to Get the Townhall Videos Out of the Conservative Echo Chamber

All these videos that bounce around from conservative blog to conservative blog may get conservatives motivated, but they can do so much more damage if we get them out of the conservative echo chamber.

For example, I posted them on two local sports blogs that have a miscellaneous/political forum section. I also posted it on craigslist rant and rave section. Liberal posters are acting like they were hit in the orbital bone with a sharp straight jab. The honest posters are surprised. The liberal liars are just silent.

Liberal and MSM lies have many young people and independents believing that Bush and the Republicans represent some kind of neo-fascist movement. There are many smart young people who really don’t get which party is the real threat to individual liberty. They are tone deaf to political rants. But they may be receptive to the honest visceral footage of government inspired assaults. This is potent stuff.

Don’t just bounce this footage off other conservative. Don’t berate independents and moderates. Just get this stuff out there. Videos are quick to digest, powerful and honest. They don’t need much commentary.

Activists shouldn’t spend all their time consorting with the like minded. There is no growth in that.

Every activist should take time to find a few popular non-conservative websites with forums and post the town hall videos there, especially the SEIU videos.