Scary Diana From Oregon: Profiling a Violent 'Teabagger'

We are beating the left wing radicals in the grassroots media war. They are desperately trying to find their own audio visual recordings to use against anti-Obamacare protestors. Kos went slumming for ammunition and is pushing an audio tape on his website that is so harmless that it’s laughable.

The front page of Kos presents the following headline: ‘Violent threats target SEIU over health care town halls’ and the following audio clip:

Oh, the horror, the horror. Did you feel the insanity? Did you feel the hate?

That’s it. That’s all they got. That’s their front page material. That is what they are using as an example of an “insane” threat of violence from a “teabagger” against the SEIU. We are posting videos of SEIU thugs being arrested for assault and they fire back with scary Diana from Oregon. How lame.

Diana from Oregon asks them to calm down, act like citizens, respect the first Amendment, and stop the violence and she makes the front page of Kos. Anybody else smell desperation? What has them twisted is the Second Amendment reference, which is obliviously a little hyperbole and a little play on words. She could not have been anymore more intelligent, polite and mild mannered. Not only is she not threatening, she’s rather impressive. Keep making those phone calls Diana. You sound great.

I know some things about activism too Kool-Aid drinkers: If something works, borrow it. The radicals are trying so hard to implement the tactics of ridicule and mockery that they’ve failed to realized that we have picked up on their lame game. Someone is being ridiculed and mocked alright and this time around it is them.

Watch out Kos. Scary Diana from Oregon is the neighborhood. Don’t wet your bed tonight.