The AFL-CIO and HCAN Plan Townhall Counterattack

From the diaries by Erick

Liberals have been rattled by the effectiveness of anti-Obamacare protests. We must not relent because we have some momentum. There is plenty of time left in this battle and the Left wing activists are about to launch an organized counterattack.

‘Health Care For America Now’ released a memo on August 4th entitled – Responding To Right Wing Attacks. Must Read. The AFL-CIO announced that is joining their effort and is urging other unions to join as well. They are planning a thirty day counterattack at townhall meetings to disrupt “tea-bagger” efforts. There is little doubt the unions are being mobilized to intimidate and harass. Must Read.

Their macro-national strategy is to ridicule the anti-Obamacare protesters and turn them into a mockery. True to form, the mainstream media is carrying water for Obama and his acolytes and perpetuating this line of attack.

Now, there will be real thugs, real mobs, and real organized paid operatives on the scene. The mainstream media will no doubt turn a blind eye towards the origins, motives and transgressions of these Left wing activists. But we must persevere through this hot, simmering, August recess and fight on.

In honor of the arrival of football season; time to lace ’em up and strap ’em on.

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