Kos to Senators Byrd and Kennedy: Leave

The liberals are trashing old folks again. This time its their own stalwart liberal icons. Senators Byrd and Kennedy are being inconvenient and burdensome, so its time to show them the door. A frustrated Kos writes on his blog, thanks for your service, now scram.

Lamenting the Democrats tantalizing and evasive sixty seat majority, Kos explains:

You see, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd are too sick to show up! Both have been wheeled in for key votes in recent months, and one thinks the same could be done for key health care votes, but they have become the newest excuse for Democratic impotence in the Senate.

It’s unfortunate. Neither man (and especially Kennedy) deserves to see their legacy tarnished by becoming an excuse for the failure of a robust health care plan. Democrats need to either admit that the problem lies elsewhere (the Nelsons of the party), or gently ask that Kennedy and Byrd cede their seats to new senators who can help finish the fight…

I am sensing a trend here; liberals hate old people. Okay, maybe that’s too harsh. But on the heels of health care plan, which treats the old and infirm like inconvient things, this should be of little surprise.

Kos bears more testimony to the ruthlessness of the radical. RINOS and Blue Dogs must know the true nature of the liberal activists behind the Democratic Party.

If you have the stomach, you can venture to coo-coo land here.