Our Naked Emperor: Russia Claims Georgian Mortar Attack

Something ominous is happening in South Ossetia. Russian officials are claiming that Georgia fired mortars into South Ossetia. Georgia denies any such action and is claiming that Russia is looking for a pretext to justify more aggression. This is story is breaking. According to the AP:

In Moscow, the Defense Ministry said in a statement after the reported mortar attack: “In the event of further provocations that present a threat to the population of the republic or to Russian servicemen deployed on the territory of South Ossetia, the Russian Defense Ministry reserves the right to use all available forces and means to protect the citizens of South Ossetia and Russian servicemen.”

“All of this resembles the falsifications and threats that were heard last year ahead of the aggression,” Georgian Security Council head Eka Tkeshelashvili told AP. “

It will be interesting to watch how this story gets spun if it gets covered. Although I don’t know what happened, I believe the Georgian officials. First, the Georgian forces were thoroughly routed last year. I doubt they are looking to instigate a second war so quickly. Second, they know the Obama administration will not protect them as aggressively as a Bush or a McCain administration. Georgia has very few allies and its strongest ally is presently under the control of a useless naked emperor. It simply makes no sense for Georgian forces to attack South Ossetia unless it was just some rogue action or an accident. The Russians do not fear UN resolutions and they do not fear this administration. Attacking South Ossetia is suicidal.

On the other hand, Russia knows it has a window to exploit the international community and our country under this apologetic and weak kneed administration. If they have designs on Georgia, now is an opportune time. We are not a serious threat and most other countries are preoccupied with their domestic economies.

How will the media cover this? How will the Obama administration react? How will the world react to the Obama administration if it lays down for the Russian bear? What about all of Obama’s concessions and apologies? If the Obama administration steps up, how will the globalist anti-war Left react? And if something does erupt, how will the markets react? The spin starts now and the truth will only be through deep digging.

I got a bad feeling about Russia’s intentions and a worse feeling about our gutless, blame America first President. Obama’s domestic agenda has been exposed. His numbers are already plummeting and he hasn’t even had to deal with a major international crisis – yet. But I guess I should have more confidence in our inexperience naïve President, since he has the experienced Joe Biden and some lady with “smart power”, who one has heard from in about six months, in his corner.