The Amazing Journey of Sinh Tho Nguyen; American Patriot

The journey of Sinh Tho Nguyen is an amazing story of determination, inspiration and patriotism. Nguyen was a Vietnamese immigrant, a war baby, who came to America in 1992. He’s lived a model life; joined the military; went to school; became a citizen; and works as a meter reader in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a wonderful article about his amazing current endeavor. The forty year old Nguyen is walking across the country on a “2,600-mile patriotic parade” to learn about and pay homage to America. He has been walking for forty-four days and has already made the journey from Florida to Texas on foot. Nguyen walks with a large American flag and a sign across his back to honor those who serve this country.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram elaborates:

He began his journey wearing a pair of Crocs, which he wore as a meter reader. A sign Nguyen wears across his back reads: “Shore To Shore. A Walk Across America To Honor Those Who Serve!” The walker is ever-mindful to show respect for the flag he proudly bears. “Every three weeks, I gently soak her and hand wash her and dry her,” Nguyen said. “Without the flag and the support of people, I couldn’t walk. She is my protection….”I speak English with a broken accent, but an intact heart. I have very solid faith in America.”

Nguyen’s journey is half way finished. He is on his way to California. If he travels through a town near you, try to show him some support. I don’t know if his story will ever be reported by the mainstream media, so forward this story along to all those patriots you know with “an intact heart” and a “very solid faith in America.”