Yes, Lets Have That Dialogue On Race

Just a few short days ago, headlines and news stations from coast to coast were reporting about how a white cop, who arrested distinguished Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Junior, was refusing to apologize.

The dye was cast. This was a powerful story on racism in America. This was a story about white cops profiling and harassing a black man; only this time that black man was a distinguished Harvard Professor with powerful connections.

One angle being initially pushed was whether this incident would open up a much needed dialogue on race and racism in America. We were lectured by everyone from the local reporter to the President himself about the need to have that dialogue on race.

Well, dear sirs and madams, I’ll see you and I’ll raise you a pound of flesh.

Those who once demanded ‘that dialogue’ have quickly changed their tune. The new tune from Obama, Gates and the pundits is ‘lets put this behind us’. How convenient.

I guess ‘lets have a dialogue on race’ means ‘lets have a dialogue on race only when it serves the purpose of supporting our narrowly constructed worldview and advancing our liberal political agenda’.

But they let the genie out of the bottle and once you let it out, you cannot put it back just because it inconveniences you. They asked for it, they got it.

This is about race. Lets talk about racists who cry racism to mask their own insidious racism. Lets talk about how racists see every life circumstance that involves a degree of negativity, discomfort, confusion, hostility, inconvenience, or agitation as a matter of race.

Lets talk about the pure, unadulterated racism of Henry Louis Gates Junior; a man who assumed the worse in another man, who has spent his life fighting hatred and racism, only because that man was white and wore a uniform.

Lets talk about Obama’s immediate reflexive support for his racist friend. A reaction so strong that the cool collected President felt the need to ignore facts, go off script, assume the worst about a white police officer, and abuse the office of the presidency to denigrate that police officer on national television.

Lets talk about good people living in fear of racists. People living in fear of the bigoted self-anointed guardians of the race issue, who harass, criminalize and destroy people who do not submit to their gross intimidation tactics and their rigid constructs of proper racial behavior.

Yes, Mr. President, let’s have that dialogue on race.