House Dems Reveal Some Hints On Health Care Bill Strategy

Republicans should not be overly optimistic. One obstacle stalling the health care bill is the Energy and Commerce committee. Another is waning public support.

The Democrats are exploring a way to circumvent both and “Rahm” a bill through. According to The Hill:

House Democrats, still searching for a way to pass their healthcare bill before August, are considering bypassing the Energy and Commerce committee altogether, where the bill has stalled, and proceeding right to the floor.

It looks like the Democrats are going to give the Energy and Commerce committee another chance on Saturday. Jane Harman, of stated committee, relayed this tidbit:

“We’ve been asked to clear our calendars for Saturday,” said Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) who joined with six other members of the Committee on Thursday to announce an amendment package they intend to introduce if and when the markup resumes. “I have a busy day in Los Angeles, but I might be spending that busy day in Washington, D.C.”

If things are still stalled after Saturday’s calender clearing meeting, it wouldn’t suprise me if Pelosi tried to force a quick vote on the bill next week. Republicans mustn’t become lax. There is too much time before the summer recess.