Dizzying: Desperate Nancy and the Spin Game

Okay, Lucianne @ 6:45 EST has a breaking headline quoting leading Blue Dog Democrat Mike Ross that Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes. Here. Over at Drudge, there is has a headline that Nancy has the votes. Here. Still yet, Huffington Post has another headline of Nancy threatening to work through the recess. Here.

What’s it all mean? I think its bluster. I also think it means game time. Pelosi would not be talking about working through recess if she had the votes. Steny Hoyer will nail her to a wall if she tries anyway. But it looks like all the Dems are rallying around Obama’s presser to try to create some confidence and momentum. I think this is a do or die moment. They have to grease the wheels on this thing soon.

Let Obama have his presser, but conservatives should break out the big guns and bring their ‘A’ game over the next few days to stifle any Democratic momentum gained during this offensive. The Dems are ‘all in’ and media has their back. This is definately needs to be a distraction free week.