Senator DeMint Plays a Little Hardball on Hondurus

Senator Demint is demonstrating what may be called a killer instinct. Obama and the Democrats screwed up by supporting ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. There is no perspective here. They are just dead wrong. Other issues have taken precedent, but Senator DeMint has decided to not let it go.

Senator Demint delayed the vote to confirm two secretary of state appointments and is asking the White House to explain and reassess its position on Honduras. The votes were expected on Tuesday, but they have been pushed back. Sorry, Arturo Valenzuela and Tom Shannon.

According to Reuters:

At the hearing, DeMint asked why Washington would want to be on the same side as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro, in the Honduran crisis. “President Obama rushed to side with Chavez and Castro before getting the facts. Now it’s clear that the people of Honduras were defending the rule of law,”

Republicans should make the Obama administration answer for their unquestioning support of an aspiring third world dictator and ally of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

This seems like a small matter, but it exposes the Obama’s administration’s reactionary support for third world Marxist dictators and the administration’s overall incompetency. Let the headaches intensify for Obama.

And pound this blunder into the news cycle.

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