Dear House Republicans and Conservative Activists: You Have 1,018 Pages To Read: (UPDATED With Must Read Chart)

(Republicans have come ready to rumble and have released a chart of the Democratic Plan. This worked well against Hillarycare. Get it out there. Via Drudge – Here.)

So it begins. With little fanfare, as expected, the House Democrats released the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 Tuesday afternoon. In its present form, the bill consists of 1,018 pages. The Democrats are starting to make their case now. Republicans must do the same.

The bill is there for the whole world to read. You can read the bill in its entirety now. Here. There are no excuses. Practice due diligence and become better informed.

You can also read how Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats plan on selling the bill. They have issued a whitewashed summary, which will be the basis for their talking points. Here. You can also read the recently released CBO analysis. Here.

The House Democrats will meet with Obama on Thursday. Obama and the House Democratic leadership will pull out all the stops to persuade skeptical Democrats. They are determined to pass a socialized health care bill before the August recess. Here.

This is a Thermopylae moment. Can an outmanned minority party muster the strength to stop the Republic from falling into the irretractable web of socialism?

There is no mystery. We know their game plan. We know their timetable. We know the players. We have the bill. Don’t wait until the days before the vote to engage in activism. Engage soft Republicans and conservative Democrats with facts, logic, passion, and patriotism now.

Energy, organization and knowledge will help us control this debate and defeat this bill, not last minute rants and threats.