Redstate Does Not Need A "Bot" Moratorium

(A friendly response to Dave Hinz’s diary)

I have no problem with people promoting conservative leaders. It’s essential. What cause or movement can succeed without effective leaders and leadership?

But more importantly, we do not drive the news. We can pretend that we are that self-important, but we are only a ripple in the newsworld. If others with nefarious motives insist on committing journalistic malpractice; promoting bias; and attempting character assassinations, it is only right that the base grab their pitchforks and rally against such perversions. And sites like this are great place to start. If the other side adopts a moratorium, then it is likely that one will simmer down here.

Furthermore, everyone should have the prerogative to promote conservative leaders, even if it is tiresome to others. If you don’t like the content of a diary or post, tune out. No one is forcing anybody to read anything. If you don’t like the gist of something posted, you can ignore it or you can engage in a fair debate. But adopting defamatory and unjustified Democratic talking points to sully the reputations of conservative leaders over petty grievances and annoyances is not productive. Conservative fratricide is self-destructive.

Engage or ignore, but don’t censor.