Get To Know Kelly Ayotte II: Popular Republican Woman Resigns To Explore Potential Candidacy (Sound Familiar?)

Just four months after her re-appointment and four days after Sarah Palin’s stunning resignation announcement, Republican Kelly Ayotte announced her resignation as New Hampshire’s Attorney General amid a flurry of protests from fearful Democrats. She is exploring a Senate run. It looks like Palin has an East Coast soulmate. (Can someone say trendsetter?)

I’ve been studying Ayotte’s record and think conservatives will be pleased, especially pro-lifers. Ayotte is a principled woman, who does more than pay lip-service to her principles. She lives them and fights for them.

Ayotte lacks Palin’s charisma. She is soft spoken and mild-mannered, but she is a tough prosecutor and her calm demeanor plays well in New Hampshire. People like her. Early polls show her leading the probable Democratic candidate, Paul Hodes.

Democrats are obviously afraid of popular, attractive conservative women who threaten their foundation of victimization and identity politics. They can’t tear them all down.

Run Kelly run:

It’s like Deja Vu all over again.