Tomorrow’s News Today; Obama will give the Russians Something for Nothing

Tomorrow Obama meets with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. This is what will happen:

The Russians will offer Obama some lame bargaining chips. They may permit the use of their fly space for operations in Afghanistan. They may make empty promises about reducing nuclear warheads. They may make some more empty promises on civil liberties.

For these ‘concessions’, Obama will appease the Russians on matters of vital importance. Obama may waffle on the admittance of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. Obama may recognize Russian interests in Georgia. Obama may capitulate on the missile defense shield. Obama may make substantive promises to reduce American nuclear warheads. Obama may alienate loyal Eastern Block countries on behalf of Russian interests.

The media will herald Obama for obtaining the table scraps offered by the Russians. The media will ignore the emergence of the Russian Bear; the selling out of loyal allies; and the domination of Obama by Medvedev. There will be no talk of Russia’s oil output or carbon emissions.

After spending nine hours negotiating with Obama, Medvedev will consume large amounts of vodka and consort with Putin and other Russian leaders, where they will mock Obama for being a light weight, metrosexual patsy. They’ll toast the absence of George W. Bush. In Russia, the press will also mock Obama mercilessly, but the American media will ignore it.

The UK daily telegraph will be the best news source on the meeting, followed by Pravda, followed by the mainstream American media.

Bet on it.