Reflecting On Sarah Palin; Of Culture Warriors and Politicians

This isn’t a Sarah attack or apology. Just a little exercise.

I was comparing influential conservatives in the post-Reagan era. Here are two lists of ten people. ‘Pool A’ is a list of ten influential conservative non-politicians, I’ll call them culture warriors generally. ‘Pool B’ is list of ten influential conservative Republican politicians.

Pool A

Matt Drudge
Rush Limbaugh
William Buckley
James Dobson
Clarence Thomas
Antonin Scalia
Karl Rove
Milton Friedman
Laura Ingraham
(Erick Erickson was number eleven)

Pool B

George W. Bush
Newt Gingrich
Dick Cheney
George H.W. Bush
Bob Dole
Trent Lott
Haley Barbour
Dick Armey
Rudy Giuliani
Jack Kemp

Which group has wielded more influence on our society and has done more to advance conservatism? Who do you consider the most influential conservatives of the modern era and are they politicians or culture warriors?

I admit I would be disappointed if Palin did not run for POTUS. I think she has enormous potential. That being said, I think she could work wonders outside of politics. Old white guys bouncing ideas off of other old white guys on talk radio will only advance the conservative movement so far.

I think Sarah could be the conservative Oprah. Every day Oprah attracts over ten millions viewers and uses her television show as a platform to promote her liberal world view. She recommends a book and it goes straight to the top of the best sellers lists. It was Oprah who anointed Obama as “The One”. Imagine if Sarah wielded the same influence for conservativism. I am sensitive to the way liberals influence politics through culture and we need culture warriors as badly as we need Republicans in office.

I think Sarah will be fine either way; Sarah-POTUS or Sarah-culture warrior. Even if she isn’t your preferred POTUS candidate, you should recognize that she is a tremendous asset and tearing her down or joining the anti-Palin media drumbeat is fratricide.

People need to relax. It’s all good with Sarah.