Get To Know Kelly Ayotte

Some good news. In a new poll, New Hampshire Attorney General Republican Kelly Ayotte is beating the likely Democratic nominee for Judd Gregg’s Senate seat. Those tracking the 2010 Senate races may have heard her name bandied about.

When Judd Gregg confirmed his retirement, the Democrats assumed they would capture that seat. Many Republicans agreed that it would be tough to hold. New Hampshire has been trending heavily Blue, but things may be changing.

A new Granite State poll shows Ayotte leading the Democratic front runner, Congressman Paul Hodes, 39 to 35 percent. Ayotte’s favorables are also very high. Poll.

A couple of caveats are that as an attorney general Ayotte’s positions on many sensitive issues have not been defined and that she was re-appointed to her position by a conservative Democratic after being initially appointed by a Republican. However, Judd Gregg holds her in high regard and has been one of the key figures trying to recruit her.

It is a pleasant surprise to see any Republican leading a popular Democrat in New Hampshire. Those polled probably know little about these candiates and the contours of a prospective race. It is more likely a sign that the Republican brand is gaining traction and that the Democratic brand is losing its luster. The Democrats are afraid of an Ayotte candidacy. It’s a sign they are losing steam.

Get to know Kelly. Early involvement from conservatives will encourage her to run. It will also help assure that she has conservative influences and that she runs as a conservative. About Kelly.

An interesting note about Kelly is that she was the named party in a suit against Planned Paretnhood over parental notifiication laws. Key abortion case.