Addressing Internet Rumors About Reversing Cap and Trade Vote

Time is short and I wanted to get this out there a quick as possible. There is a rumor floating around the internet that House members may have until July 2nd to change their vote on Cap and Trade.

I have never heard of anything like this and need some help getting to the bottom of it. Although a licensed attorney, I’m hardly an expert on House rules and the legislative process.

It may be that some over zealous activists are misreading or misunderstanding some archaic House rule. Even if they are correct, most members have bolted Washington for the holiday, so this would be difficult to accomplish.

Since we need only four of eight Republicans to switch, I thought it worth examining. The movement is gaining steam fast. Sites are picking up on it and emails are being forwarded.

From what I gathered thus far, this Rule is being cited.

Anybody have any thoughts?

[To get a bead on the rumors, just Google “cap and trade” and “July 2” and you will see a flurry of sites pushing this movement.]